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Individual Sessions

I offer individual sessions for both adults and children. After your initial consultation we can decide how regularly you need sessions and we will book individual appointments that are convenient for you either at my clinic or online.



Treatment plans are available for both adults and children. As part of the plans you will receive additional support in other areas of your life, providing you with a bespoke programme over 3-6 months. 



Once you have decided that you want to change your life and free yourself from mental and emotional burdens or physical suffering, you should book a free call with me to discuss how homeopathy can help you change your life and become the best possible version of yourself.

After our initial call, we will book a consultation that usually lasts 90-120 minutes, this is so we have plenty of time to take your full health history and ask lots and lots of questions about YOU!, your life, your goals, your physical and emotional state, your sleep, your eating habits, your energy and anything else you want to talk about.

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Everything is connected, body and mind, because everything is about you.

Following the initial consultation, I will prescribe a homeopathic medicine, tailored to your individual needs that will address your physical and emotional imbalances.  We will be in contact often, so that I can continue to support and guide you through the healing process, and adjust your medicines, if needed.

A month after the first appointment, we will have another session to assess your general well-being, your energy and the action of the medicine, in order to design the next steps of your treatment.

Well done, you have taken the first step to heal yourself. Healing is a journey and I will  be here to guide you and help you take the steps towards a healthier, happier you!


My goal is to share with you my knowledge on the healing properties of food, not only on a cellular level but especially on how food is healing for our souls as well!  A holistic approach to nutrition means that I will look into your current diet, your way of life, what you like and dislike, any food sensitivities, hormonal imbalances, intolerances, or addictions and help you resolve any issues. I will give simple suggestions and guidance that you can easily follow, so you will not be overwhelmed with expensive, unachievable diets that can only offer a temporary fix. I will also advise on naturopathic practices on detoxification and deep healing, so that food becomes your medicine.

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Mental Conditions


If you are feeling, anxious, depressed, If you feel that life is just too much, If you have trouble getting out of bed in the morning or you find it hard sleeping at night, If you suffer from stress that you find hard to control, If you find that your relationships with your partner or friends are not fulfilling, if you feel that you worry too much about everything and you have no control over your life, then homeopathic treatment is definitely something  to consider. Most of my patients have found that homeopathic treatment had a significant affect in reducing their symptoms of anxiety and stress, improving their quality of sleep and were much happier, more energetic and more fulfilled than they have ever been.



If you are not feeling like yourself anymore after the menopause or if you suffer from physical symptoms like hot flushes, trouble sleeping, low sex drive, then homeopathy is definitely a suitable treatment for you. Hormonal imbalances, period pains or irregularities, pregnancy and labour after care, breastfeeding problems, infertility, these are all areas that homeopathy can significantly help you with. Homeopathic treatment has always been my companion throughout my child-bearing years, my children’s births, my daughter’s puberty and will support me through menopause as it has supported so many women through my years of practice.

Womens Wellness


If you have any long standing physical ailment that you find trouble treating, like lack of energy, chronic pains, joint pains, back pains, eczema, headaches, migraines, asthma, skin problems, injuries, or you are finding hard to recover from a cold, a cough, or any viral infection, then homeopathy will restore your health and energy, and bring back a sense of wellness and well-being.

Physical Aliments


If your infant or child is suffering from eczema, allergies, coughs, digestive problems, colds, recurrent earaches, tonsillitis, hay fever, low energy levels, or super high energy that they find hard to concentrate and switch off, if they are always ill and you feel that their immune system is compromised, then homeopathic treatment will give your child the boost it needs. Homeopathy will restore and balance their system and will help your child, feel stronger, sleep better, eat better and be happier and healthier. Homeopathy can also treat behavioural problems in children, ADHD, sleep troubles, fears, phobias, traumas and “anything that makes them sad” like my 8-year-old daughter once said.

Infants and Children


If you or your family have a sudden onset of a physical complaint, like a mild viral or bacterial infection, a fever, a cough, an injury, a fracture, an earache, a toothache, sprains or muscular strains, then homeopathic treatment can be used to restore health in a natural way with no nasty side effects. It is very empowering when we, or our children, are able to overcome a minor illness, without taking unnecessary medication and restore health profoundly, in the most natural and safe way. You realise then how your body can heal itself and how powerful and wise it actually is!

Emergency Treatements
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