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Meet Yiota

Certified Homeopath

I am Yiota (which you can also spell with a G, Giota, like Gaia), I am a Greek mumma and a homeopath and nutritionist living in the UK with my family.

I am a registered homeopath and holistic nutritionist.

I came across complementary therapies and homeopathy just before I had my children, to treat my debilitating migraines, a result of a very stressful life in the corporate world and I experienced a wonderful shift in my health.


After having my children and migrating in the UK, I bought myself a homeopathy book and a remedy kit and treated my children since birth with homeopathy. I felt very empowered as a mother, to be able to observe my children and watch them getting better using the tiny white pills.


After seeing a homeopath myself and working on my mental health, low moods and my low energy levels, I had a miraculous healing experience; it felt like a cloud had been lifted and I could see my life’s purpose again!

I decided I wanted to share the gift of homeopathy with the world, and after 4 years of study at the best school in the UK I received my diploma in homeopathy. 

As a vegan Greek mumma food is also my passion so I decided to continue my studies within the field of nutrition to be able to offer a more holistic and complete service to my patients.

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