About Me


I am passionate in empowering people to live a balanced and harmonious life free from suffering and pain.  I strongly believe that healing comes from within and that a person needs to be treated as a whole in order to achieve natural balance and well-being.

I was born and lived in Thessaloniki in northern Greece, I studied economics and worked as an insurance agent for 13 years for a big multinational insurance company.

When I had my first child, visits to the doctor were often, and sometimes homeopathic remedies where offered as an alternative treatment to conventional medicine and antibiotics.  That was my first encounter with homeopathy.  I was very pleased with my children’s overall health and development, so I got myself a few first aid remedies at home and started treating them myself for minor ailments and injuries.  Their treatments were very successful.  I felt very empowered as a mother to be able to take care of my children in such a profound and natural way.

I got myself some books and started studying basic homeopathic principles whilst I was treating my children’s minor ailments with homeopathic remedies.

When I had my third child, being a young mum of 3 children under 3.5 years old, I found myself suffering from recurrent tonsillitis, which was being treated with antibiotics by my GP.  I visited a homeopath and had a miraculous healing experience.  Not only my throat got much better and my tonsillitis disappeared, but I also felt a burst of energy and a general state of well being, one that I hadn’t experienced in years. In the meantime I noticed that my debilitating migraines, that were troubling me for many years, were getting better and better and after a while they stopped completely, which was truly miraculous. 

I decided that this was my calling in life; I enrolled to one of the best schools in the UK, 

“The school of homeopathy” and have been blessed to experience a life-changing journey of learning and healing.

I am a member of the Society of Homeopaths.

I live and practice in Newbury, West Berkshire. I also see patients via Skype. 

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