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The healing power of illness

Updated: Jan 28, 2022

At the beginning of this year Covid was spreading like a wildfire where I live here in Newbury and of course we didn’t dodge it.

When back in October all three of our children got it and spend a few days being unwell and the rest of the days climbing up the walls with energy, I thought to myself, "oh! maybe we got antibodies, or we are immune, I wonder why we didn’t get it since we were all over each other kissing and hugging??"

Fast forward into early January and after a session of burpees, (lots of them! ) and lifting heavy weights, I recall coming back from the gym feeling very tired, muscles were sore and feeling I was coming down with something. Next day my body was aching everywhere and I was feeling very cold, so I skipped my morning gym session, cancelled my appointments, did a test came out negative, but I could feel I was getting more and more unwell as time went by.

2 days later and after developing a fever with chills and being very achy all over my body, I tested positive for covid and cancelled all my appointments for the week, to give my body a good rest.

I was hoping that after a couple of days with fever and few restless sweaty nights, that I would wake up in the morning rested and be completely back to myself, as it has happened a few times in the past with flu and other viruses. But this time, it felt that I was getting over one stage, only to be hammered by another, every time becoming even more unwell. During the 2 weeks that I was ill, the headache was followed by fever and heavy sweats, then extreme restlessness and not being able to sleep, then being extremely achy and fatigued, then apathetic and listless not even having the energy to go to the bathroom, to end the cocktail of symptoms with extreme back pains that kept me on my feet many nights and making me desperate, thinking that I will never recover or get well ever again.

Through this time, I was in daily contact with my guardian angel, friend and Homeopath Jo Magowan that was prescribing different homeopathic remedies for me to relieve the symptoms in each stage. From Nux vom for my headaches, Bryonia in different potencies for the flu-like pains, Arsenicum for the chills and restlessness to Rhust tox for my stiff back, she was always keeping an eye on me making sure I wouldn't relapse and get worse. She could see that the illness was changing, moving and shifting and she was happy with my progress. It certainly didn’t feel that way to me! It was living hell and I was getting desperate.

My other guardian angel and homeopath Katja Behrens came on board as well, to help resolve the maddening back pain that felt like I was giving birth all over again! One dose of the indicated remedy and my pain that was keeping me up for many nights eased up, got smoother only to be completely cured after a couple of more doses of the same remedy! It was a miracle healing! My back pain was cured and I could sleep again. I cried with relief! I was finally getting better!

In the meantime I was taking a multi vitamin, Vit C 3gr, Zinc, Magnesium, Cell liposomal glutathione, (all great suggestions from my good friend and pharmacist Kiki Marselou) and making sure my body was well nourished and hydrated properly.

After my back pain healed, I managed to finally sleep, which carried on the healing process, I could feel I was getting stronger every day and I could, after 2 weeks of being very ill, start seeing myself going out for a walk again, taking the kids to school, or even going back to the gym, when a few days back that seemed unreal!I took a walk on Sunday which felt great and Monday I went back to the gym. I was back!

I have had a few clients that I treated with Covid before I got ill myself.

I was seeing them and supporting them daily and they all recovered really well with no dragging symptoms left. One client and good friend, told me after he recovered fully :

“ I feel so well, I feel better than I did before covid, like my body has been reset, I am bursting with energy!” and then his wife commented , "You see, this is the healing power of illness!"

I knew in theory this to be true, especially with childhood illnesses, but never actually observed this with adults. When you treat an illness from within, not trying to suppress or diminish the symptoms, but instead cure them, using homeopathy or other alternative treatments, then the recovery is much deeper and long lasting.

I am not anti-medicine at all, I am just anti-unnecessary medication, that suppresses the illness and can drive the disease inwards, not allowing the body do it's job; to utilise the innate healing powers that we all possess and self heal. Of course, if I had a life-threatening disease, or a serious accident and I had to save my life, I would probably use all possible means to keep myself alive, both conventional and alternative. But I find that today, people overmedicate most times unnecessarily, as they have lost trust over their own bodies and the connection on how they can keep themselves healthy for life and heal themselves from within. Our bodies are incredible power machines and they can self-regulate on a daily basis, we just we have to learn to listen and trust them again!

This is such an empowering thought, take a moment and think about it!

With Covid, spreading like a wildfire at beginning of January, another friend and her husband tested positive as well and asked me for advice. She got herself a first aid homeopathic kit that she could use at home and placed and order for the same supplements that I was taking for myself. We kept in touch all through their illness and we conquered triumphantly once again!

Here is what she writes about her experience:

“I can't even begin to tell you what a comfort having Yiota at hand with her wisdom and remedies has been for me!

I was going through Covid, and Yiota made herself available for me all hours, she offered me reassurance and comfort and importantly a remedy for my symptoms physical and the more potent mental symptoms especially around anxiety and fear.....she had already set me up with my own homeopathy home kit and so it was easy for her to quickly make recommendations and I had the remedies at hand...

I am forever amazed how homeopathy can have such quick and effective grateful to have Yiota she's far better than any 111 or visit to the GP!!”

Today, 10 days after I tested negative and went out into the world again, I am bursting with energy, feel healthy and strong , mentally and physically, I am taking my children every evening to sports clubs, working daily and supporting clients again, and getting ready to lift some proper heavy weights next week and smash some crazy-OMG I think I am dying!- workouts. I even signed up for the Cross- fit Open, age category 45-49. Jesus, I suddenly feel so old!

Today, I also feel grateful for the gift of deep healing and homeopathy, for the lessons that covid taught me, to trust my body and surrender, for the great homeopaths and non-homeopath friends that supported my healing, held and cared for me. I am grateful for my strong body that sustains me every day and that I was able to listen to and heal it, deep from within. I am grateful for the time I took for myself to properly recover; convalescence, a forgotten word in this crazy fast world!

I am grateful and humbled for so many lessons that I have been taught through this illness, but here we are, we have fought and we have conquered once again!

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