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Symphytum the miracle remedy!

Homeopathy never seizes to amaze me! I treat people everyday with all sorts of ailments from, accidents, urine infections, female issues, skin problems , sleep troubles, to anxiety, depression, you name it! I always prescribe a remedy following classic homeopathic philosophy, matching the patient's ailments with remedies that come from the natural world. It always blows my mind how effective our homeopathic remedies are and how deeply they act bringing relief and deep healing.

Recently my father had a bad fall and ended up in hospital with his leg fractured in 3 places. He was advised to have a surgery to have pins to bind the bone together for faster recovery. My father, with out consulting me, refused treatment and discharged himself. His leg was put into a plaster cast from toes to knee and was prescribed painkillers to manage the pain. Oh dear!

I happened to be visiting some friends in Greece and was meant to surprise him, only to arrive and find him in agony, immobile, leg elevated, suffering and miserable! Definitely a surprise, just not the one I was aiming for!

First came the shock, then the questions, followed by more questions on what the next step would be, how long he would have to be like that, what instructions the doctors gave etc. My first thing to do with out even thinking twice was get the remedy box he had at home and start giving him remedies. Arnica, Bryonia, Ruta, Rhus tox. These were available at the time. Whilst still trying to understand what had happened and how we would manage the crisis, since he lives on his own, he turned around 10 minutes after taking the remedies and said:

"I am not in pain anymore, no pain whatsoever! It is amazing! Let's go and have some dinner!"

I popped into the local pharmacy and got him some more remedies, Symphytum and Calendula and prepared him a solution of all these remedies in 30c potency mixed together in water. He was supposed to take this solution 3 times a day. Not the most classical approach, but Helios pharmacy use the same remedies in a mix they call Injury Remedy and it works miracles, so I kind of replicated their recipe.

That night he slept well and no painkillers were needed at all! Whilst I was there, I set on a mission to find him a carer, make sure he had everything he needed and I came back to the UK. I would wait for further news after his appointment a week later, where the doctors would reassess his progress and decide whether they would go ahead with the surgery or not. I was getting ready to travel back to Greece to nurse and look after him in case they were not happy with his progress. I was kind or preparing myself mentally that I would have to go back for a much needed surgery.

A 72 year old man, not really active, especially the last 4 years, with 3 fractures one on his heel, and two on his tibia; it didn't sound very promising.

The day of his appointment, I received a call from him coming back from hospital. I was glued by the phone desperately waiting for news. His x-rays were fine and he was on his way to take the cast off and get a boot from the orthopaedics shop. No surgery needed, the bones were healing and he was getting his cast off.

In a week!

A 72 year old man with 3 big breaks taking the cast off in a week!!

No more medication, no painkillers, no hospitals, no carers, no surgery, no anaesthesia, no travelling back and forth to nurse my poorly father.

I was REALLY hoping that the remedies would do their magic again, but this kind of result was beyond any of my expectations! I was praying that they would help him heal, slowly regaining independence, but never expected such dramatic improvement.

Symphytum did the job! An amazing remedy we use in homeopathy for fractures, broken bones, and painful weakness of the joints. It comes from the common comfrey, a plant that was actually indicated for periosteum problems, bone fractures, promotion of callus formation, neuralgia after fractures, strains, contusions, tenosynovitis and inflammation of muscle. Internal use was directed for gastritis, peptic ulcers, cough remedies and was used as a popular medicine in cases of rheumatism, pleurisy, bronchitis, diarrhoea and tumours.

Symphytum binds the bones together. In Greek the word Symphysis means to bind, to glue together. The German names, Beinwell and Wallwurz, are based on the verb wallen, which means “growing together”. Bein originally meant bone, thus comfrey is an agent that makes bones grow together. Comfrey has also been known as boneset, knitbone, black wort, wall wort, and slippery root.

How extraordinary!

Folk medicine, herbal medicine, homeopathy, mythology all one, to give us the true essence of a wonderful medicinal plant created into a homeopathic remedy that provides deep acting healing and saves me for having to deal with Greek state hospitals!

That alone is a miracle!

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