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Listen Without Prejudice

I recently had a transformative experience talking to my homeopath; yes! I also see a homeopath to hold and support me when life gets a bit challenging. I see a homeopath, an energy healer, a meditation coach, a yoga teacher and the list goes on! We all need to be held and supported, even us healers. Life can be hard, even ruthless sometimes.

I always book an appointment with my homeopath when things gets a bit too much, or I feel my energy is low, or my sleep is not as refreshing and I feel I am not on top of my game!

Sometimes you don't want to burden your family, or your friends with your troubles, or maybe you think they will not REALLY get you. I felt I needed to speak to my homeopath, someone that was impartial and had no emotional attachment to me and could listen without any prejudice (what a great album by the way!).

After the consultation I felt so much lighter, everything had been spoken out, had seen the light of day and there were no shadows lurking around anymore.

For my unspoken shadow to see the light and to be held into this safe space of acceptance, it was so healing and transformative. I felt free! Then I received a magic homeopathic pill and the healing was taken on another level! I felt like my best self again, and more!

I hear this from my clients and fellow sufferers all the time; the space you get to safely dig into yourself and connect with your psyche is very healing. I recently spoke to a lovey woman that I have been seeing for a while and she told me:

"I haven't taken my remedy yet, but I feel so much better and lighter, just talking to you helped me so much and I have been sleeping so well ever since!"

How often in our everyday lives do we truly feel heard, do we feel that the person listening is really interested in what WE have to say, without judgement, without ego, just pure listening and acceptance? I believe it to be very rare and if we ever find a friend or partner that does this for us, no agenda, no prejudice, then we might as well hold on to them! We all see the world through our tinted glasses, mine are yellow, someone else's are green, other's are black and we all have our share of egos. We think our opinion is better that the other person's, we think our views matter most, we take things personally. It is just human nature.

When I wear my homeopathic hat though (the imaginary one, you won't see me wear any big hat in the clinic! ) I try and set all my ego aside, open up my heart and listen without prejudice! (Oh what a great album!)

My wise teacher and inspiration Misha Norland wrote up a healer's prayer which I have framed in front of my desk and I always read before each consultation. He writes among other things : " May I be given the grace and the will..may be alert and responsive...may be without a past, without a future rooted in the moment...May I act without prejudice always seeing in my fellow sufferer the beauty of creation, temporarily obscured. May I always be motivated by my desire for truth and my compassion towards those who are sick, never just for personal gain."

I don't know If I always succeed being that kind of healer but I always do my best to do so.

I find that a big part of the healing we experience within, starts when we get to that space where we trust and share our experiences and inner truth with a therapist.

I would strongly recommend to everyone to reach out to some kind of therapist, a healer, a homeopath, a priest even; to share, to talk, to feel, to be held into a safe space, to unload and to be listened to, to get everything out into the light, to feel nurtured, with no judgement.

It is a beautiful and transformative process. Please trust and ask for help, you don't have to do this alone!

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