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Mr. Sneeze

Homeopathic treatment provides great relief from hay fever symptoms.

I am sat in my garden working on my cases, enjoying the glorious sunshine and the nature in full bloom. I have been recently seeing many patients in the clinic that come to seek relief from hay fever symptoms, as they have given up trying conventional medications that mask their symptoms, instead of curing them. For some of them, the hay fever comes back every year, as soon as the pollen level rises, usually at Spring. Some people suffer a lot, experiencing severe itching and burning in the eyes and the throat and sneezing. Lots of sneezing!

Some of them have actually come to terms with it and they just wait for things to calm down, but others have given up trying using prescription drugs, especially since the antihistamines make them drowsy and lethargic.

Homeopathic treatment provides great relief from hay fever symptoms and people find that seeking homeopathic treatment, reduces the intensity of symptoms; the sneezing is less, the puffy eyes get better, the sore throat is calmer, the cough that sometimes accompanies the hay fever, subsides. Some people find that the hay fever doesn't come back ever, or if it does, the symptoms are much less intense and much more manageable, much to their surprise! Their energy is better, and they can enjoy the longer days more!

Here is what a mum of a boy who suffered from hay fever wrote: " My son had terrible hay fever last summer, eyes so sore it was heart breaking to see. We saw Yiota and after one remedy and only a few days, his eyes were clear and the hay fever was gone. He suffers every winter with croup and has had to have steroids once last year as it was so bad. When he began to get croup last week, Yiota gave us the same amazing remedy and within a few days, he is sleeping through the night with no awful barking cough. The most amazing outcome, so so grateful.!"

If you are a sufferer and you find that you cannot enjoy the awakening of the spring in all it's glory because all you do is sneeze, try to seek some homeopathic help, and you might be surprised to see that not only your annoying symptoms will get better but you will experience a sense of wellness overall! A holistic approach, that brings so much joy!

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