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"How Homeopathy cured 3-Year-Old Jack's Chronic Cough"

I was contacted by little Jack's mum in October 2023, to help with her son's continuous respiratory


Jack started nursery at 2 and has been getting continuous respiratory illnesses ever since. As soon as he gets a virus, within the next 2 days he starts to wheeze and struggles to breathe.

Mum: "Doctors say it is viral induced wheeze, his lungs shut down and he is struggling to breathe, that can be very scary. His lungs shut down the ribs go in, he gets a chesty cough with it, it is a wet cough and phlegmy.

As soon as he gets a cold in 2 days he will develop the wheeze and then we end up in hospital to be treated, he is then put on oxygen and medication, steroids usually, to help open up his lungs.

He also gets frequent chest and ear infections.

He has been taking antibiotics non-stop from 10 months old. He has taken more than 10 courses of antibiotics ."

The family has recently moved to their new house and mum was sharing that she has spent more time in hospital with Jack, rather that in their new home. They cannot make plans to go anywhere, as it was every 2 weeks that Jack would pick up a virus, spike a fever and then within two days he would start coughing, which would get worse and worse. The antibiotics and the steroids were helping temporarily, but not resolving the underlying cause of his illness.

Unfortunately, with the load of these pharmaceuticals, he was progressively getting worse and worse. His parents were paying his nursery fees, but he would hardly attend as he was always so poorly, whilst both of them had to take time off their very busy full time jobs, to look after their little boy.

The mother had no previous experience with homeopathy, and was slightly sceptical when she contacted me, but she was so desperate about her son's situation, she was determined to try it.

I took the whole case and the family's health history as well, I observed the boy in my consultation room and came to prescribe a remedy to be taken daily to start with. The mother committed to a 6 month treatment and bought a first aid homeopathic kit to use at home for her son and the family.

Withing the first week I got a message that Jack was poorly again, high fever and cough that was progressively getting worse. I instructed the mother to give a remedy from her kit and asked for regular updates. Fever stayed, but the cough didn't develop further, that was the first ever time they managed with out doctor or hospital intervention. A small win!

Every 10 days approximately I would get another similar message, fever, cough, struggling to breathe, no energy, mum observing him not to get worse. I was in constant communication with the mother with daily updates, instructing on a different remedy, making sure the cough in under control and managing to keep him away from hospital. We were still winning, but we were not quite there yet.

After 2 months approximately of just managing his symptoms- but not resolving his susceptibility yet, I got another message on a Sunday morning. Jack was poorly again and no remedy was helping. At that point I prescribed another remedy that the mother didn't have at home and she picked it up form my clinic.

An hour later she messaged me in despair. She gave the remedy as instructed and Jack vomited straight after and then he went into deep sleep. What was happening? Was that normal? Was he ok?

He woke up an hour later, he asked for food, water and after he ate, he started playing around the house as he had never been ill!!

The mother could not believe it! She was texting me to ask if this is normal to happen after a remedy, she had never witnessed anything like this before and I explained that when the remedy is the right one and hits the spot, then yes this is the miracle you are suppose to see unravelling in front of your eyes!

She texted me to say: "He is hoovering around the house, his energy is back, he is bouncing, his cough has completely stopped and he is asking for more food, is this normal? This has never happened before!"

Every week the mother was bracing herself for Jack to get poorly again, to pick up another virus and to go through the same pattern again, as he had been for the last 18 months, but Jack kept going to school, calmer, healthier and happier that ever. His teachers made a comment on how more focused he was, how much his behaviour had improved and how his tantrums were non existent anymore.

A month later the mother texted me to ask "is this normal?? why is he not getting ill anymore?? He has stopped getting colds completely and has been going to school for straight 4 weeks now which is very odd!! What's happened?

He is healing, I replied.

"It is unbelievable after more that a year of weekly colds, one treatment and that was it?? Does that mean we can start making plans now?

This is unbelievable and life changing!

his moods have improved too, I still cant believe it!"

She wrote on her review:

"We spent countless weekends in hospital until we said enough is enough, not knowing what to expect we decided to try homeopathy and work with Yiota.

My son is now illness free consistently and we finally have our lives back with a healthier, happier child who can experience the world, the change is amazing!"

One can only be astonished by the healing powers of homeopathy and how life changing it can be, it is nothing short of a miracle! This family's life has been completely transformed, from having a sickly child, constantly worrying about him and having limited choices, to having a vibrant, happy, healthy boy ready to live and enjoy life to the fullest!

This would never have worked unless the mother was fully committed and invested to it. Healing is never linear and we have to be patient with it. Even when things were a bit rocky, the mother stuck with the treatment and trusted the process. I, on the other hand, am not known for my patience but what I am known for is my stubbornness to not stop trying until I get the right remedy!

The best gift I got after all the hard work, was from Jack, who bounced into my clinic , gave me a hug and handed me a card saying:

"To Yiota,
Thank you for helping me get healthy and strong!"

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