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Back to school!

Updated: Sep 29, 2022

Back to school, back to work, back to my clients and the ever-growing to do list. New school year, sports clubs, ballet classes, football and basketball matches, swimming galas and a non-existent social life, day light becomes less..It makes me feel I need a holiday already!

The body struggles to cope with the transition from the joy of summer and endless relaxation with a hint of overindulgence, to a rigid schedule, 7 am alarm clocks and sudden drop of temperature especially in the morning. I found that resisting the autumnal morning temperatures and insisting on wearing shorts, enjoying the lasting shade of my tanned skin, was not the greatest of ideas. Result; I ended up with a cold and a fever, achy body and spending almost a week in bed, feeling sorry for myself.

My daughter reports every day from school that almost half of her classmates are at home feeling poorly and the other half are constantly blowing their noses, have croaky voices and feel tired and lethargic.

Well, in this case I want to remind my teenage daughter that sleeping late at night hugging your phone under the covers pretending to be asleep, or forgetting to drink water all day at school or not eating enough vegetables and fruits to properly nourish yourself, is not the best idea and is definitely not helping you to recover from seasonal viruses and colds. Well, when you are 14 you can actually get away with it and bounce back very quickly but what about when you are in your mid 40’s, 50’s etc etc? Well, that’s a whole different story.

We need to spend a bit extra time to think about what our body needs and take the time to rest and recover. Ok, so it’s colds, flu, feeling under the weather time of year. What to do?

Back home, in Greece, when we were kids the first thing that our mum used to give us when we would catch a cold ,or get the flu was hot chicken soup. Hot, warming, soul nourishing chicken soup packed with vitamins and minerals, hydrating and healing. With lots and lots of lemon for the much needed Vitamin C. Mums always knew!

Now, if you are vegetarian/ vegan like me, you might think this is not for you. I am just sharing the folk medicine that our grandmothers used to swear by.

What else? Herbal mountain tea and chamomile with honey. You see, in Greece people only drink tea when they are poorly, so when they see you having a hot herbal drink they always ask you “are you OK, do you feel poorly??”.

The herbal tea is usually served with a teaspoon of honey and a splash of freshly squeezed lemon juice. Not milk.

So, imagine my confusion when I first moved in England where everybody was offering me a cup of tea; with milk. Well, let’s just say I didn't get it then and i still don’t get it now; and leave it to that.

Rest please. We all want to go back to our old routines but when our body tells us otherwise we just need to listen. Ok, the weather is getting colder, we need to dress better, even if you still have a lovely sun tan, you need to layer up. Take it easy. Things can wait.

Exercise lightly, listen to your body and see how you feel. Some gentle yoga, some tai-qi, even going down to your local gym and doing a simple light workout will make you feel better. That is that if you don’t have any fever or achy muscles and you only have a mild cold. Move, but take it easy and use your common sense.

Homeopathy. Yes please!

Remedies that I always use in the first signs of cold:

  • Aconite: is a life saver. In the first signs of cold when you come back from a walk or a windy day out and you suddenly feel your throat hurts or are getting the chills. Take some Aconite in 30C potency from your first aid kit. You don’t have one? Get one please, it’s a great asset for every household.

  • Bryonia: My to go remedy when I start to get pains in my body and everything hurts like it is broken, can hardly move and I am very very thirsty. Again, open your remedy box and take in 30C potency, keep taking until you start feeling better , or the symptoms change.

  • Gelsemium: I have used this remedy with my children when they just lie there, feeling sorry for themselves and they don’t want to do anything just to watch TV or sleep. Light fever, no thirst, no appetite, just lying there. I have also used this remedy for exam nerves where my daughter was just lying on the floor, hardly moving because of anxiety about upcoming exams. One dose worked miracles. Exam nerves though is a subject for a different post, soon.

  • Pulsatilla: No thirst, lots of bland watery snot, clingy, weepy, complaining; sounds familiar? Again, you know the drill open your box take one dose in 30C, repeat as and when needed.

  • Arsenicum: When you have a cold with burning discharge, and are feeling very chilly, maybe even restless, can’t settle and need to wrap up warm. Take in 30C potency as and when needed.

If you develop a cough, that’s another story, I will write about coughs in a different post. Or you just call me and I advise. Open your remedy box pick up the appropriate remedy, etc etc …

In a nut shell: Do you have a cold or feeling under the weather? Eat well, clean, nourishing food, no junk food please or alcohol just because you feel horrible. Drink, drink, drink, hydrate on a cellular level. Water, herbal teas, soups, fresh juices preferably vegetable juices, avoid coffee or tea. Take a supplement if you feel is needed, talk to me and I can advise on what is best in your situation.

Use Homeopathy, the miracle medicine! Talk to your homeopath, call me in an acute if you are not getting better. Educate yourself and use homeopathy for yourself and the whole family to recover better and quicker. Buy a homeopathic remedy kit, ask me more about this please!

Rest; the Italians use the phrase “Dolce far niente” which means the joy of doing nothing. Allow yourself to recover and restore, don’t become a couch potato though, find some balance. Balance is everything, what do you think?

And get well soon!

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