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Homeopathy for emotional trauma

"A truly wonderful lady who is so passionate about what she does and helping people heal. I came to my appointment thinking I only needed a bit of help to move forward, but it was clear by the end of the session that there were issues deep within which had been suppressed for years and needed to be healed for my body to also heal.
Yiota had a lot of work and research to do in order to provide me with the most appropriate remedy. But she managed to provide one which, only a month later, has turned all of my issues around... so much so that my previous life consuming problems seem a distant memory!

I am now confident, self-loving, happy, my pain levels are reduced, my sleep is improved and energy levels are revitalised. I couldn’t be happier. I feel years younger!!

I can not recommend homeopathy enough, and most of, this wonderful lady who takes such joy and pride in what she does. I am loving this journey and working with such a talented lady."

R.R. Newbury 

Homeopathy for anxiety and headaches

"Giota is an outstanding professional. I visited her because of a serious health issue. She meticulously worked with me in order to identify the root cause of the problem and to provide me with the appropriate remedy. The treatment has had significant effect. I generally now sleep much better and deeper, have good, positive vivid dreams that I also remember the following day, I feel much stronger and much more focused. Furthermore, much to my surprise, my allergy symptoms have been contained. Thank you very much!"


An. V. Newbury 

Homeopathy for fertility and emotional stress

"So so happy Yiota came in to my life when I needed help. I was in a dark place, very low, exhausted and miserable. My partner and I had been trying for a baby for almost a year and I had just had an early miscarriage. Yiota came to my house and I opened up easily to her about my past. After some tears and a remedy, I felt a weight had been lifted. I confronted my demons and this was a big issue for me. Hand on my heart, the remedy worked for me. I look back at myself a year ago and I feel a different person. A more energised, positive person. Yiota has also helped my daughter who has had a few health problems. The remedy has helped her. My daughter always enjoys seeing Yiota. I would highly recommend homeopathy and also highly recommend Yiota. "


Ruth Dell, Thatcham 

Homeopathy for anxiety and emotional balance

"When you reach for a homeopath, you have most likely tried a lot of conventional methods to resolve the thing that is causing you trouble. And homeopaths offer a different approach. Yiota though is not just any homeopath. She has a holistic approach in life with deep respect, love and dedication to anything she gets involved with. And she holistically loves bringing joy and balance to anyone that reaches for help. I am lucky that have reached for her and received all these gifts. I would encourage anyone that is interested trying homeopathy to trust her and together re-balance to a more joyful life."

K.Z, Thessaloniki, Greece 

Homeopathy for emotional trauma

"Homeopathy for me is the most complete and right way of healing for any symptom. It is the method that applies to every individual in a different and unique way because everyone is different and unique. It focuses on the well being of the patient not the treatment of the symptom. For the last 13 years that I have been a mother, I use homeopathy for minor or more serious ailments for my children. My children are healthier and don’t get sick easily. On a personal level, Yiota has helped me deal with some emotional issues and traumas of the past. My life changed quickly in a very positive way, and I am pleased to say that I feel re-balanced, calm and happy. I am very grateful for her help and I can’t recommend her and homeopathy enough!"

Stella Georgiadou, Thessaloniki, Greece 

Homeopathy for eczema

‘I had been suffering with eczema for over 15 years. Before I went to see Yiota, I had tried various creams to try and improve it. Nothing helped the incessant itch I was experiencing. After my first consultation with Yiota she sent me my remedy in the post. After taking it I started to see improvements within a week.  After we saw the improvements, I was prescribed a stronger dose, after which the eczema improved so much, it was nearly completely gone. For something that had been chronic for so long, it was incredible to see it improve so much.’ V.T. London, UK

Homeopathy for the whole family

"Yiota is so wonderful. She has helped me and my whole family with amazing Homeopathy. She is patient, kind and caring with every little detail. I have recommended her to everyone I meet!"

Suzanne Themps, London, UK

Homeopathy for behavioural broblems in children

"Homeopathy helped my 3 years old son to manage his temper tantrums.The change in his behaviour was noticeable and had a great impact in our family!
Yiota is keeping an eye on us and will intervene with a remedy when necessary. I feel very confident that he will keep improving.
Thank you Yiota !"

Stergios Vasileiou, Greece

Coughs and hay fever treatment

"My son had terrible hay fever last summer, eyes so sore it was heart breaking to see. We saw Yiota and after one remedy and only a few days, his eyes were clear and the hay fever was gone. He suffers every winter with croup and has had to have steroids once last year as it was so bad. When he began to get croup last week, Yiota gave us the same amazing remedy and within a few days, he is sleeping through the night with no awful barking cough. The most amazing outcome, so so grateful."

Kate Pike, Newbury, UK

Homeopathy for menopause

"After being recommended to try homeopathy by my sister she then put me in touch with Yiota to try and help with the symptoms of the menopause that I was going through, hot flushes, low energy levels, lack of sleep and a little snappy around my family ... After a couple of sessions with Yiota the hot flushes have disappeared completely, I have so much more energy and feel very positive and I’m sleeping so well every night it’s just amazing ! Yiota has helped me feel much calmer and re balanced, I can’t recommend her and homeopathy enough."
Thank you Yiota

Tara Moruzzi, Wales, UK

Homeopathy for teenagers

"Thank you so much for your help with my 11 year old son. He was reluctant to come to see you, your kind patience convinced him to talk to you and he ended up enjoying the process. The improvements he has made, following your treatment, have been steady and long lasting. I am very glad we came to see you."

Lynn Turner, UK

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