• Yiota Papanikolaou

Your pain is your freedom

Tomorrow is my birthday. I am turning 42. What kind of number is that anyway? When I was a child I always had an idea what a 42 year old woman would look like; A "tailleur", (that's how we used to call it in Greece!), high heels and a hair bun. Definitely a hair bun! You can't be 42 without a hair bun!

And yet in my 40s I wear leggings and jeans all day, trainers and boots and in my most glamorous outings maybe, just maybe I can cope with flat ballet pumps. I am thinking though, who is this person of 42 years of age? Is it the greying hair, the deep wrinkles on the forehead, the parts or the body that have started hanging in weird places???

Or is it the rebellious teenager, with the inner burning flame that was constantly fighting with her father and the world, or perhaps the sulky little girl, that would never back up, that had immense power within, yet no one saw or even paid attention? Or maybe the high achieving business woman, that worked and played hard? Who is this person in front of me?

I used to think that they were different, that the "I was a different person back then" was a thing. All I see now is the same person, it is all one. Looking through the mirror and seeing today the silver hair, the deep expression lines, the ageing skin, I only recognise one being. An ageless being, pain, joy and love shaped through it, that has come to this world for a reason, still trying to find its purpose and fulfil its potential. It is the same radiant being that was born 42 years ago, brought into this world to bear a burden and to be released from it. As we all are.

I feel humbled and priviledged listening to people's life journeys and stories in my homeopathic practice. To my understanding it always comes down to one thing; we all need to love and be loved. No matter what we have been through, no matter how messed up our lives have been and what challenges we had to overcome, we all need to be seen, heard and loved.

Why though all the pain, why all the suffering, what have we done to deserve this?

I still struggle with all this myself. Pain is part of life, as it is death. There cannot be life without death, light without darkness and freedom with out suffering. It is the law. I am starting to understand this my self now. Not easy.

Through the pain, we release, through the suffering we become strong, through the fear of the unknown we become braver. The seeds that will set you free will be planted through suffering and pain. My journey into homeopathy and spirituality started through pain. It taught me a lot.I embraced it, I accepted it, I am still working on that. It can be so difficult at times, but only through accepting and embracing, we release and we grow. I don't fight it anymore. It is pointless. We cannot control things the way we think we can. We just accept and let be. And we pray.

Happy Spring Equinox!

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