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In my homeopathic practice I am blessed with a constant influx of new clients that are looking to get healthier, in a more holistic and natural way. They have been to their doctors and the solution to their health problems usually includes antidepressants, steroids, antibiotics, or any other form of medication that is actually suppressing their symptoms, rather that addressing the root cause of them. People are realising that in the management of chronic diseases, the conventional route is failing them, so they are trying a different, more holistic approach.

That is all great!

Ι have been thinking though about all these people who reached out to me and never completed their treatments, some even paid for treatments up front and never followed up, despite my repeated encouraging messages. I understand that people’s circumstances might change, but I could see a common pattern running through. People were struggling with the treatments, because of all the pain and suffering that had to be emerged, in order to be released.

We are conditioned to avoid pain because, of course, it is uncomfortable and it feels horrible. Why would anyone want to suffer? We are constantly being bombarded with messages on how to avoid pain with any means possible, but is there such a thing as life with no pain or suffering? And can we ever have it?

Well, like Wim Hof says:

"if you don’t go to the cold the cold will come to you."

If you keep avoiding the pain, the pain will eventually come to you. And it will crush you.

But If you go to it, bit by bit, day by day, you eventually become more resilient.

We live a daily life of comfort, a shielded life, feeling uncomfortable scares us, makes us panic even.

We feel the cold so we put the heating on, we feel hungry we open the fridge and there it is, food available, packaged in plastic, ready to consume. All you have to do is heat it up in a microwave oven and there you have it, a full meal in seconds! Easy, fast, comfortable.

Our lives have become more comfortable that ever and that has made us all, less resilient that ever.

I will share an analogy: My daily crossfit workout is my medicine. It pushes me to levels I have never been pushed before, mentally and physically. I have noticed though sometimes, when we do the briefing of the day's workout, I get butterflies in my stomach. I am nervous and scared, whether I can do the workout as prescribed, how much it will hurt and how much I can push through. How uncomfortable will it be?

Anticipation, nerves, fear, just for doing a workout at the gym! What about real life?

When did we lose our resilience as humans, when is it exactly that we have become so comfortable in our plastic bubbles that a simple workout can scare us?

In my homeopathic practice I strive to reveal people’s hidden potential. I am very aware of their suffering and their challenges, so I am trying to do it in the gentlest way possible. Still, people find it very hard to engage and commit, share their feelings, work through their traumas, because it bloody hurts!

I know it does, but is there any other way?

Is avoiding the trauma ever going to resolve it? Is avoiding the reality that we need to invest and commit to our health and well-being ever going to improve our health? Is constantly avoiding the pain in the gym for example ever going to make us feel stronger and more resilient?

There are no short cuts, we have to put in the work, even when it hurts. And it will be fine. You just need to show up.

I remember recently one workout at my crossfit gym, where I was the last person who was still on the rower, trying to finish the workout. Everybody had gathered around me cheering me on, shouting at me to not give up. I remember I was in so much pain, my legs were screaming, my lungs were on fire and I just wanted to give up so badly! But I kept going, God knows how. I found myself tapping into an inner strength that I had no idea I actually had. It was just lying there, dormant . And through the pain, I finished the workout. Through the pain, I grew. And the pride of pushing through, being in a deep dark pain cave and managing to come out of it, was just immense. It reminded me of what us humans can do if we allow ourselves to feel uncomfortable. It will hurt, but that is fine. Growth is just around the corner.

When you come to my homeopathic practice for a treatment, I promise I won’t hurt you! I will listen attentively and try to explore feelings or situations you might be unconscious of. It might feel uncomfortable and scary, and that is fine. I will guide and support you all the way through, so you can tap into that inner light and strength of yours. I promise you, growth is just around the corner! You just need to show up!

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