About Homeopathy 




Homeopathy is a complete system of natural medicine.  Is evidence-based medicine and works on the principle of Like cures Like.  It works in line with nature and with the patient’s immune system to bring about cure.

It offers holistic, individual, and integrated treatment using potentized medicines, which aims to trigger the body’s natural way of healing.  It was developed by Samuel Hahnemann and it’s being used successfully  world wide, for over 200 years.  It is the second largest system of medicine in the world in use today.  1 in 12 people around the world are using homeopathy today.

It works for minor ailments but for more serious diseases as well, and can support physical, mental and emotional health.  Healing comes from the inside out, and balance is restored in all levels.

All remedies come from nature and work in line with nature.  They are derived from plants, animals and minerals and they are all tested on humans before used on patients.

Homeopathy is based on the principle of Like cures Like, meaning that anything that can make a person sick can alleviate the same symptoms in a sick person. This idea goes way back to the time of Hippocrates and his related ancient philosophies.

The active ingredients in homeopathic remedies are potentized, seriously diluted and succussed, keeping the healing properties and removing the toxic poisonous affects of the substance, whilst increasing their healing capability.

Homeopathic remedies trigger the body’s innate healing response, allowing to bring about cure and a general state of well being.

Initial consultation


There is going to be a safe space and environment for you to share your physical complaints, fears, traumas, aspirations or just be.

First consultation usually lasts 1,5 to 2 hours where we will go through your main complaints, any issues or concerns you may have. After the consultation, I will work through your case and give you a remedy that covers you as a whole, body and mind. I will also provide other holistic or nutritional advice to support your recovery and general well being.

Follow ups 

We will book a follow up, usually 30 to 60 minutes, to assess the action of the remedy given, any changes in your general state and well being. Sometimes we see instant results with the remedies, but sometimes it takes longer for things to unfold. Healing is a journey and I am ready to take this journey with you!

Homeopathy for children


Being a mother of 3, I have treated my children for years with homeopathic remedies for minor everyday ailments, like coughs and colds, earaches bumps and bruises, supporting their overall health and well being. Anxieties and stresses, eating disorders, behavioural problems, ADHD, can be greatly alleviated with the appropriate homeopathic treatment, bringing a state of wellness that has a ripple effect to the whole family.